Updates Regarding Farmers Market Season/CSA

These are scary and uncertain times for everyone but we want to be a positive force for you and the communities we serve.


Here at Assawaga Farm, we are carrying on with our Spring preparations and plan to grow as much as we can so that we can supply nutritious, delicious, local vegetables to you all! This year we are heavily investing in our soil by adding trace minerals, macro nutrients, inoculants and other biological inputs in order to grow the most nutrient rich vegetables.


Preparations for and protocols around COVID-19

    In our effort to minimize risk, we have enacted strict protocols around sanitation with procedures for cleaning, sanitizing, and drying any food contact surfaces, food handling equipment, bins, and tools. Although we don't have any employees (and will be restricting farm visitors), we are practicing social distancing to make sure that we steer clear of the virus. If, by any chance, one of us shows symptoms/contracts the virus we will make sure to stay away from production in every way. If both of us get sick, we will most likely halt sales but in any case we will promptly update you. Food safety and the safety of our customers are our top priority. 


Alternative Sales Outlets

    This year we were going to start a mailing list anyway for customers who want to know what's available every week but now we think it's more important than ever to be in communication with you (please send us an email if you would like to receive notifications). There is no doubt food distribution is going to be disrupted and perhaps more people will want to know where and how their food is grown and handled.

    Our annual spring plant sale at the Boston Japan Festival is now canceled and we can't be 100% sure that the farmers markets will begin without delay or cancellation. To that end, we are planning for alternative sales outlets so that you can still access our plants and vegetables. (- please let us know if there are any local, independent grocery stores in your area that we can consider supplying our produce!). Currently we have plans to supply Maruichi in Brookline (a couple minutes' walk from the Brookline farmers market) and Ebisuya in Medford (4.5 miles from Union Square farmers market).


We are also considering reinstating our CSA IF the markets are delayed or canceled.


Here is what we are thinking:

  • Twice a week at or near our respective farmers market locations (TBD), we will park our van and distribute shares. We will most likely have delivery options for those who understandably do not want to leave their home.

  • Starting the first week of June, we will hold it in 5 week increments so that we can reassess the situation throughout the season. If, during a 5 week period the markets resume, we will either refund or credit you for future purchases

  • We are thinking of $40 value shares assuming most people are eating at home. Of course you can get multiple shares if $40 worth of vegetables is not enough. 

  • The share content will be similar to our old CSA style - a good balance of different vegetables (leafy greens, root crops, alliums, etc.) and charged the same price as you would at the farmers market. Below are pictures of last year's shares valued at $37.50 so imagine this amount plus one more item.

  • Our 2020 crop plan (that we spent the entire winter constructing) is not designed for a CSA but we believe we can deliver 50 shares/week across both markets (about 25 for Brookline and 25 for Somerville).

  • Since we only have 50 shares available, please let us know if you are interested as soon as possible specifying Brookline or Somerville and we will reserve a spot for you. If we run out of shares, we will be in touch with you (in the order we received requests) if and when more shares become available. We will send a separate email to those who sign up about payments (most likely in May).

  • Depending on the situation, we may be able to sell some vegetables loose on distribution days

  • Again, this is only if the markets are delayed or canceled! And we really hope they aren't!


Thank you again for all of your support. More than 90% of our cost is incurred before we sell our first vegetable and many seeds have to be started months before they can be harvested. Your support for our CSA means that we can continue to grow without worrying about how we're going to get our vegetables to you.


We hope that you, your loved ones and everyone in your community stay safe.


Despite the situation, we are really excited to be growing for you and the seedlings are loving this warm spring!


Yoko & Alex


swiss chard

salad mix



hinona turnip


french breakfast radish

japanese cucumber


garlic scapes

mustard greens



heirloom tomato

fresh onions

purple mizuna

red radish



sweet peppers

cherry tomatoes






hinona turnip

lettuce head

takana mustard green

swiss chard

green pepper

snap peas

green beans

daikon radish


butternut squash