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About our plants

All of our plants are certified organic and sold in 4"x 4" pots using the best quality potting mix out there. Starting this year, we are also inoculating each plant with beneficial microbes as well micronutrients so that you can grow healthy, nutrient rich vegetables!

How much is it?

Every item is the same price at $4 each. If you buy 4 or more, each item is $3.50 each.

(So for example if you buy 3, your total is $12. If you buy 4, your total is $14.)

What varieties do you have?

The table below shows you all 45 items we are offering! Please click on the link for varietal and specific growing information. 

Where can I buy them?

  • On-farm - May 17 & 24, 10am-2pm, on our farm

  • Farmers Markets- We will sell plants weekly at the farmers markets starting on May 23rd at the Somerville Union Square FM and starting on June 4th at the Brookline FM (please note we will have a limited selection in June)

  • Maruichi- Plants will be available starting April 24 through May (please call Maruichi for availability of certain varieties)

Pre-Orders are now closed

Due to the overwhelming amount of orders, we have decided to stop taking pre-orders but most varieties are still available and can be purchased on the day of the plant sale (varieties that are sold out are indicated in the table below).

Thank you so much for your support and we hope you are all staying safe.

Genovese Basil
Genovese Basil - Purple
Thai Basil
Holy Basil (Tulsi)
Green Shiso
Red Shiso
Egoma (Korean Perilla)
Yellow Squash
Edamame (plants 12" apart)
Lettuce Heads (plant > 8" apart)
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