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2024 EVENTS &


We are so excited for our 7th Annual Plant Sale!

Our plants are all certified organic and in 4" pots using premium organic potting mix from the lovely folks at Vermont Compost. Every plant is started from seed by us and grown with care to make sure you have a healthy, vigorous, and nutritious garden!


Price & Labeling

Every plant is the same price at $4.50. Some come with 1 plant per pot (tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, etc.), some come with 2-4 plants per pot (kale, lettuce, many flowers) which we recommend planting apart. Many herbs are multiples in a pot (basil, cilantro, chives), these do not have to be planted apart. We only label tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, yellow squash and zucchini by their variety. If you have trouble telling apart the plants, don't hesitate to reach out to us!

Where & When

Plants can be purchased through our pre-orders (details below) or at our farm starting Saturday, May 18th. The opening day has extended hours from 9-2pm. Subsequent farmstand hours are 9-12pm (every Saturday thereafter). We sell plants until they are sold out - usually until early June.

Please don't hesitate to ask us any growing questions and/or give us feedback in terms of what grew well, what problems you had, what new varieties you'd like to see, etc. We have big dreams to add perennials and native plants to our plant sale offering in the future too, so let us know if you are after something!

Have fun planning for and dreaming about your garden!


Pre-Orders are now open!

Please click the button below to browse our 2024 selection and place an order.

As always, we have a minimum order of 18 plants (=$81) excluding non-plant purchases.

Pick-up will be on the farm on May 18th (Saturday) 9-2pm.

This year we are taking in about a third less pre-orders due to the increasingly risky nature of having assembled orders outside before the day of the plant sale (and also because it takes a very long time to put these orders together!) so we appreciate you placing your orders early.

If you miss the pre-orders, please don't stress! Every year we offer many more plants than the year prior and this year is no different! This year we are adding a new high tunnel (=indoor space) which means we can offer even more plants than ever before :-)

Please note we will most likely have a lot of strawberry plants for sale but we cannot include it in the pre-orders.